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Dentistry for the whole family...


Cherry Court Dental Care provides a full range of General and NHS Dental Treatments and we welcome clients from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Galashiels and many more location across Scotland and England.

At Cherry Court Dental Care, general dentistry is the foundation of what we do. Whether you’d like a routine check up, are interested in hygienist services, or need an emergency appointment, we can help.

Dental Health Check

Regular visits to your dentist should be an integral part of your overall oral care routine. Having a professional assessment and thorough clean of your mouth at least once a year goes a long way to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and bright, today and for the future.

During a routine check up, your dentist will remove harmful plaque and tartar, test for gum disease and mouth cancer, and provide expert advice on everything from brushing techniques to necessary treatments. Your Cherry Court dentist will be sensitive to your dental history, including any past procedures, existing or developing problems, and any concerns or anxieties. They are best placed to provide you with advice and guidance.

Check ups are the simplest way to stay in tune with any changes in your oral health. Take a preventative approach and maintain a healthy smile.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is characterized by a surgical procedure where one tooth or more than one teeth are removed. Extraction of a tooth is performed if impacted teeth cause problems such as


  • Pain.

  • Damage to the adjacent tooth.

  • Development of cyst around the tooth.

  • Complications with orthodontic procedures.

  • Damage to the surrounding bone.

Wisdom Teeth

There may sometimes not be enough room in your mouth for your wisdom teeth. As they start to come through, they push against the teeth already there, or may start to come through at an angle. When this happens, you might feel some pain or discomfort, so the best thing to do is to visit your dentist.

Your dentist will probably take an x-ray of your mouth to see how - or if - your wisdom teeth are coming through. From this, we will be able to make a judgement on whether to take them out, and how complicated the procedure may be.

Stain Removal

We all want a white, bright smile to show the world. Age, health, oral care routine and your day-to-day eating habits can sometimes result in stains. While life can affect the colour of your teeth, you don’t have to live with it. Your hygienist can help remove teeth discolouration and restore a natural, bright smile.

At Cherry Court Dental Care, we use a high-tech air polishing system that uses water to gently and quietly remove plaque, and baking soda that acts as a natural pumice to buff away any surface stains. Your Oral Design hygienist will advise on the best ways to maintain a gleaming smile and stay stain free.

Stain removal is also important if you are undergoing a teeth whitening treatment. To get optimum results, a thorough clean and polish prepares your teeth and ensures a whiter, healthier smile.   

Keeping your teeth polished and clean not only improves your oral health, it leaves you smile-confident.