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Dental Health Check

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Restorative Treatments

Metal Filling (BackTooth) From.

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Denture Treatments

Full/Full Denture

Full Denture

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Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Therapy (Front Tooth)

Root Canal Therapy (Back Tooth) From.

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Extraction Treatments

Simple Extractions (One Tooth) From.

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The NHS is a great service designed to make sure that everyone can receive the  treatment that they NEED.  When you see an NHS dentist in our Peebles practice you can be assured that you will receive the very best NHS dental treatment possible. However, we recognise that there are some situations when there may be a treatment option that you PREFER but that the NHS understandably does not cover.


Most often the reason someone will opt for our private dental treatment service is because with our private service:


  • You have a wider choice of treatments 

  • You have a wider choice of materials than NHS dentistry

  • Many of the options are more aesthetic 

If you are interested in private treatment please have a look here