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Cherry Court Dental Care provides a full range of Dental Treatments and we welcome clients from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Galashiels and many more location across Scotland and England.

Replace your teeth and restore your confidence: from single implants to bridges, only you will know they’re there.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a fixed replacement for one or more missing teeth. They are made up of a titanium root fixed under the gumline that provides a base for crowns or dentures.

Implants can help restore both your smile and your quality of life. As they are fixed to your jawbone, you don’t need to worry about them coming loose or falling out. They look and feel just like natural teeth, are very durable, and make it is easier to speak and eat.

Implants can also help to safeguard your overall dental health. Missing teeth cause bone loss which can age your face and could potentially cause adjacent teeth to become loose too. With good oral hygiene, an implant can last many years.


A bridge is a replacement for one or more missing teeth: it literally bridges the gap. This is a good solution if you don’t have many missing teeth or your missing teeth are all on one side, and your surrounding teeth are healthy and strong.

It is important to replace missing teeth. Not only will this restore the appearance of your smile, but it will also correct bite issues and prevent your remaining teeth from drifting into the empty space. A bridge will support the false tooth or teeth, and reduce the susceptibility of remaining teeth to decay and gum disease.

A bridge is made up of two or more crowns that fit to the teeth on either side of the gap. These teeth serve as anchors for the false tooth, or teeth, that is fitted in between.

The bridge itself can be made from metal, porcelain or a combination of both. The replacement tooth that’s fixed between your bridge can be colour-matched closely to the rest of your teeth. Your Portman dentist can explain all the options and discuss which will be best for you.


Dentures are removable frames holding false teeth, and are used to replace a single tooth, several missing teeth, or an entire set of teeth. They improve the function and appearance of your natural teeth, restoring your smile and your confidence.

Dentures are durable and long-lasting, and are ideal if you would like a removable solution for your missing teeth. They enable you to eat more foods and speak more comfortably, and help avoid further tooth loss.

At Cherry Court Dental Care, we are experts in both simple dentures and implant stabilised dentures. Our specialist prosthodontists will be able to advise which type of denture will be best for you, and ensure they are both comfortable and natural looking.


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